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VA Series

Temperature controller specification

VA Series temperature switch / overheat protector controlled by bimetallic sheet has low resistance circuit with gold-plated contact inside. With constant temperature control design and small size, it is suitable for electric blanket, electric pad and various small household appliances with constant temperature function.

Main features:

Bimetallic materials with good conductivity and all silver plated contacts are used to ensure that they can withstand normal loop current and can be used for low voltage and low current;
The contact is designed to open and close gradually, which will not produce an obvious temperature difference and can maintain a constant temperature;
The temperature is pre-set before delivery, which is used for the control of a single temperature range;
The terminal can be directly connected for use. The metal shell is over-current and can be used with additional bushing insulation;
Both normally closed and normally open can be produced;
According to the customer's request, we can provide wiring processing or fuse the circuit

Electrical parameters:

AC120 V / 2 A; AC120 V / 5 A
DC 24 V / 3 A; DC 24 V / 6 A

emperature and tolerance range:

5 ℃ - 200 ℃. Any temperature within the range can be provided according to customer requirements;
Temperature tolerance: ± 3 ℃, ± 5 ℃, ± 8 ℃, three kinds of tolerances are available for customers to choose, generally ± 5 ℃,
Special needs can produce ± 1 ℃


The product has UL and c-ul (No.: e246870) certification;
It can withstand 100000 times of durable life and 1000 hours of continuous work, and passed the special test of human body electric heating pad UL130;
It meets the requirements of EU ROHS environmental protection directive (2002 / 95 / EC Directive).

Module code

Ⅰ Style

1: VA1
A1: VAA1
1S: VA1S

Ⅱ Temperature

005-200: 005-200 ℃

Ⅲ Tolerance

01 - 08: ±1℃ to ±8℃

Ⅳ Calibration year

A: 2003, B: 2004 ,…, Z:2028

Ⅴ Calibration weeks

The first week, 2: the second week ,...... week 52

Outline dimension drawing