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ATC Circuit Protector (Breaker) (Low Profile)


E39 series

Specification of temperature control switch

The over-current circuit breaker adopts the structure of bimetallic sheet. When the automobile electric circuit is overloaded, it can cut off the power quickly, and the user can manually reset and switch on again. The ATC type quick plug-in terminal design can replace the disposable fuse, which is widely used in the automobile refitting and maintenance market

Electrical parameters:


Operating temperature parameters:

-40℉(-40℃)TO 185℉(85℃)

Storage temperature parameters:

-40℉(-40℃)TO 260℉(125℃)


UL grade 94V-0 thermoplastic; tinned copper alloy terminal


The color code indicates amperage


5.1 mm wide sheet compatible with ATC type fuse box

Specification certification:

SAE j553 (full range); SAE j1171 ignition protection (plastic cover only)
E392 (T3) common to cb227

Model Code:

E39 ☐☐ A
             05- 5 ampsLT.Brown(tan)
             06- 6 amps Moss Green
             75 - 7.5 ampsBrown
             10 - 10 amps Red
             15 - 15 amps Blue
             20 - 20 ampsYellow
             25 - 25 ampsWhite
             30 - 30 amps Green



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