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High voltage circuit protector (circuit breaker) manual


E9 series

Temperature controller specification

Unipolar temperature breaker


T1:30-250A@ 32Vdc

Disconnection parameters:

T1:30-250A,5KA@ 32Vdc
T3:30-150A,3KA@48Vdc(可切換);Ultra  Hi-A,3KA@42Vdc

Operating temperature parameters:


Storage temperature:


Material Science:

UL thermoplastics 94V-0

Bolt specification:

M6, M10 and 1 / 4 "per inch - 28 threads

Rated torque:

50 in / lb (5.6nm) maximum

Protection level:



SAE j1625; SAE j1171, ul1500 combustion protection

Main applications:

Auxiliary circuits for electrical systems of trucks, buses and RV ships
Battery Charger
Direct current sound
Surface mount, protective stud insulator included.

Model code

Ⅰ model

1: E91; 2: E92; 3: E93
4: E94; 5: E95; 6: E96
7: E97; 8: E98; 9: E99

Ⅱ Current

30-250A (T1)
30-150A (T3)

Ⅲ Bolt size

(M6, M10 and 1 / 4 "per inch - 28 threads)

Ⅳ Customer code

(Get the code from factory)

X SEMS code

9: Sems, stainless
8: Hex flange nut, stainless
0: Sems, iron with zinc plated

Y Packing method

6: Sems installed, box each pack
7: Sems installed, box each pack with bus-bar x 2
8: Sems bulk, barriers pack
9: Sems installed, barriers pack

Outline dimension drawing